Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

The path till now… Diagnosis & pre-school placement

As everyone knows, learning something once is easy.

With this in mind, for Mrs Wesite & I learning how to pick a daycare centre was easy. A bit later, we simply repeated what we had done for Princess P and sent Guitar Hero Addict (before Guitar Hero had even been invented) AND his sister to a different daycare. That one didn’t turn out so well, but what we had already learned told us to pull the pin.

Not long later we went through the joy of, selecting a school for Princess P. Which in our area of Western Sydney, was a “bit of a challenge”. But we got there.

The following year we learned about selecting a (state) pre-school for Guitar Hero Addict. Again, follow the ball & it’s dead easy.

You might have picked though that both Princess P and Guitar Hero Addict are both “neurotypical”.

So some time during Guitar Hero Addict’s pre-school year (2008), we decided Bob the Builder Fan – who at this stage was just “taking his time” learning to speak (or so we thought) – should go off to a daycare.

Well, that proved to be “interesting”. But undiagnosed, BTB Fan simply had a “less than hoped for” year of 1-day-per week daycare. And at the end of that year we started looking for a pre-school.

Guitar Hero Addict’s pre-school promptly put us on formal notice. They had been observing his behaviour with Mum coming in to pick up Guitar Hero Addict. “He’s not coming here without an assessment from ….” a long list of specialists. (I understand Mrs Westie has gone back and thanked them because they lead to our actual diagnosis)

2009 lead to us getting BTB Fan into Tregear Presbyterian Preschool & Early Intervention Service, who in turn got us in touch with a great speach therapist through their sponsorship from St Marys Rugby League Club (who I must say have been fantastic in no-strings sponsorship of a local pre-school).

This year, BTB Fan is back in the same early intervention school. They are continuing their great work. Next challenge will be working out what school gets the benefit of his company in 2011 – and apart from his definate strong personality, BTB Fan is definately going to be a benefit to any school who have the resources to help him, help his classmates.

Reproduced from the now-closed autism united ning website


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