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Complete at last

ever had the feeling you’d lost something, but you weren’t sure what it was? Or even worse, when you had ever had it to start with?

It seems our little autsie, BTB Fan, has felt that for much of his life. At least he knew what he was missing, because other than verbally he was able to very clearly express and communicate just what it was that was missing from his body.

But as an autsie, he had no way of explaining what was missing, how severely what he was missing effected his life, or – what seems to matter so much to so many of us – why it is that missing this body part is so important.

How would you feel if you were the only one that knew that we are all supposed to have three legs not two?

Three hands not two?

A limb that shows everyone how you are feeling, so we don’t have to worry so much about looking at peoples faces and eyes?

Being autsie this is probably the most pressing explanation why it is that we were meant to have never done away with the tail we had so long ago if you believe Darwin.

All Mrs Westie & I know is, since my SIL sent me back home with a Wags the Dog tail on an elastic belt, BTB Fan is over the moon. And he has stopped shoving random objects down the back of his pants, which means he doesn’t leave random objects behind him wherever he gos as he constantly seeks out a more appropriate “tail”. One thing he has never lacked is inventiveness!

The pre-school was more than accepting of his new appendage, and on seeing it (they didn’t understand me when I said “BTB Fan has a tail now” for some reason) they said “oh, this might stop him….. (add random event description)”. Possibly it contributed to an improved mood and behaviour, which in turn may have contributed to him expressing himself in more detail vocally.

He even said, clear as a bell, “I like tail”.

What more could we ask for to convince us that it’s the body part he was always meant to have?

Reproduced from the now-closed autism united ning website

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