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Visit by case manager

There are good and bad things about having highly qualified family members.

My sister-in-law dropped in today, which is great. Her husband (my brother) is OS on a great adventure, so she has a bit of time on her hands.

But as the title says: it was a lot like a visit by a case manager rather than by a sister-in-law, because – she is a psychologist with “just a few” years of experience, including several years doing psych assessments for the catholic school system in her area “on the side” of her “real” job

It was a great visit! But all about our son, how he’s going, what we’re up to with him, who he’s seeing, what assessment they are doing with (on?) him…..

A plain old social visit would have been great though!

If you want to know about my brothers adventure send me a message.

Reproduced from the now-closed autism united ning website

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