Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Old Man Westie turns 70!

I seem to recall someone in the bible tells us we are supposed to be here for “3 score plus ten more” years. Which must mean Old Man Westie – born & raised in Humula on a Soldier Settlement block, shearer, woolclasser, farmer and now retired Old Bastard – has managed to outdo his bloodline and make the quota. Still with “All original” parts in mostly working order (unlike his brother & sisters)!

To mark this event there was a gathering in his home block (he’s been in town for a few years now) about 6 hours even further west of Westie Central here in Blacktown. Rebecca opted out which left me heading off with 2 kids to sleep on the hillside at my brothers’ farm, which Princess P and Guitar Hero Addict have been looking forward to for some time (after 12 hours in the car in the last 3 days they are both going to have a really “interesting” first day back to Term 4 tomorrow).

Princess P, Guitar Hero Addict & Westy – sitting on the fence with cousins

It was great to have something other than a funeral bring family together who I haven’t seen much in the last 20 years.

However I managed to do all this without a camera. I understand my auntie has snagged some pix of my two chasing sheep in a pen, with their 2nd cousines, which should be fabulous viewing once she works out Picassa… (As you can see, she’s sent me some now)

Three city-slickers and a country bloke. All Westies though! – two cousins, me and a brother (far right).

Happy Birthday to my traditional Old Bastard bushy of a father. Apparently, a great Uncle, mate and Grandfather.

Reproduced from the now-closed autism united ning website
appologies in advance for broken links


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