Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

New start for Westie

I’ve been working “in IT” – my version is “end user support” – for about 14 years now.

For about the last 10, I’ve been a bit of a single-person troubleshooter in a public service organisation, plugging away by myself, fixing things out on the front-line of the business.

That was supposed to change about 4 years ago, but somehow I managed to find a niche and cling on like a limpet. Tomorrow, that all changes.

After 10 years of driving to work. After pretty much 10 years of my own office. After 10 years of driving wherever the problem was and fixing it. After 10 years of almost nobody caring what the problem was – as long as I got it fixed NOW (including even if it wasn’t really my job, or rarely, if it was the weekend, or 2 o’clock in the morning).

While my job was still what I did to get the $$ that came with doing it, I was in charge of my own operation. While I’ve had some “discussions” about being hard to get hold of, or people not knowing what I was up to, and telling me “you’re not really a team player” (Seriously, my answer was always the same: “why do you think I’m working by myself in this job” – their response was always a bit of a puzzled/dazed look).

After all that. I have now been told that I’m back in to working in the head office IT team. Catching the train – I’ll be on the train longer every day than I was in my car any morning last week. People will be not only telling me what to do, when, they will be asking me what I’ve been doing, how I did it, why I did it that way, and can I document it for everyone else please?

I knew this was coming. I just didn’t want it to come until our son was in school. But some things we don’t get to decide for ourselves.

Reproduced from the now-closed autism united ning website
appologies in advance for broken links


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