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Christmas round-up

We all get so wrapped up in our own challenges. For those who aren’t aware, both Rebecca’s family and mine both live over five hour drive away from our own home here in Western Sydney.

This includes her brother, as well as my own three brothers, her parents and mine. Her family is in northen NSW, my own is in the Riverina. Which makes taking a break from things a bit difficult, and it also means that any travelling involves making the choice of which family we get to see for that trip.

This year we decided that with BTB Fan starting school in only five more weeks (sorry to scare any of you with that idea) we would stay in our own home for Christmas and avoid travelling altogether.

Today I rang, or had a phone call, from many of my family members. My eldest niece has for the first time made the choice to spend Christmas with her boyfriends family while my brother has gone to see his in-laws, with his wife and younger daughter.

My second eldest brother has had a shakey year: now that his youngest is looking toward university his wife has “very strongly” questioned their marriage, and right now it’s unclear if this was their last Christmas together.

And the third of my brothers has this year struggled with both financial fallout from a previous marriage, while dealing with the same journey we are all making here – identifying exactly what label is going to describe his youngest son, and how to give that son the best start in life. It is something that is still very up in the air.

Then I rang an aunty that I haven’t seen since before Princess P was born. The mother to a cousin whose name Rebecca and I chose for our first son.

Her husband is in palliative care with multi-systemic cancer.

We all face our own challenges, and they often leave us blind to the challenges of others. People who themselves, are dealing with challenges, and are blind to the challenges of everyone around them – including us.

Reproduced from the now-closed autism united ning website
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