Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Next-to childless

It’s been amazingly quiet around Westie Central: we’re down to only one child, and it’s the one who wouldn’t say anything if the house was on fire. We know this to be true because he’s set the toaster on fire without saying a word.

Amazingly it’s given his mother and I something we don’t really understand how little we normally have available: time. Time to breathe. Time to just be. Time to do more than the bare minimum essential to get through today, and hopefully get ready for tomorrow – usually we cannot even think about next week, until next week becomes tomorrow.

Amazingly, we’ve actually used that time!

Time to be with our son, uninterrupted.

Time to be with each other, uninterrupted (hey, there are benefits to non verbal, inward focussed children… just kidding. Maybe?)

Time to think, to plan… and then to prepare.

We have one day of it left, spent tonight being very social with one unplanned family visitor (well: one mum, and her three kids!) and one planned dinner visitor (again, really “1 mum plus two kids”)  – about the first dinner-only visit I can recall. Two hours past normal bedtime for both our son and his two visitors (twin girls he knows from pre-school), amazingly, there were still three quite relatively calm children providing plenty of time for parents to be people not just parents.

One day. We have to get the most from it!




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