Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Counting down…

If life is not only chapters, but also “acts and scenes”, then we’re well and truly done with “school year 2010”, “before Christmas”, “Christmas” and even “Guitar Hero Addict and Princess P visit Nan and Pop”.

We’re now “countdown to School Year 2011”. It’s quite exciting, because we have two children starting school and a spectrummy boy moving from Early Intervention to “real school”.

From people I know both online and face to face, Rebecca and I have been blessed in so many ways. Our eldest two children are fantastic, social, intelligent, bright, energetic kids whose talents can often be hard to keep up with. Our youngest son continues to grow and blossom in his own interpretation of how to be a child on the spectrum and whatever else anyone says of him there is no malice to be found anywhere within him.

It’s also worth reflecting that, we haven’t been booted out of our home by mother nature flexing her muscles in our direction. Our thoughts go out to anyone who isn’t sleeping in their own home due to floods, or fires, or some other catastrophe.

And, whatever has come to other parents of spectrummy kids, we seem to have been blessed again with a very close, public school, which integrates special needs classes with mainstream classes, and can accommodate all three of our children. A school which seems to do a great job of encouraging a true community and school spirit attitude. A school with a leadership group that had us walk away from an orientation meeting with nothing but positive thoughts for the place, the staff, and the students.

Well, the countdown is on. 13 days for the school-returners, 15 days for the school-starter. Here’s hoping I’m just as positive in 21 days time!


3 responses to “Counting down…

  1. CaRRiE January 21, 2011 at 6:28 am

    hey Westie 🙂 nice blog!
    I look forward to the bolg post after thr 21 days 🙂 Im sure all will be fine 🙂

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