Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

…flooding rains…

This time around the Westies are in luck: not only are we high and dry but no-body remotely related to us has been flood afflicted.

For my early childhood, apparently being flooded in – or out – of the family farm was a routine event. There is a photo of me in a highchair well after the floodwaters had receded. The highchair is on top of the dining table. The water mark on the wall passes about the level of my chest.

And apparently that wasn’t even one of the bad floods! It was after a flood so normal that people could bother taking time to grab a Polaroid of the moment. (And yeah, it was a polaroid taken in 1970-something – so there’s nothing to put online… 😦 )

The evacuations used to be on a truck, or a tractor, or in an “army duck” amphibious vehicle.

This time around, the floods have truly devastated Queensland. They have knocked huge swathes of Victoria for a six. And close to where I previously lived, whole houses over a hundred years old were swept away near Lockhart. And of course, over in WA they were being burned out at the same time. Maybe, before you go giving all your charity money straight to the Queensland appeal, you can check to see if someone closer to home doesn’t need your help first?

For many of us the only issue is if there will be a new tax, or if insurers will increase all policies to pick up the tab for the queenslanders. Strange, I thought I already paid tax so the pollies had some change in the tin to rebuild infrastructure, and I thought insurers re-insured their risks so that my policy wouldn’t have to increase just because other policy holders make claims.

We’ll see where that comes to, and be thankful that this time around, we were left untouched and didn’t have to join the crowd in some evacuation centre.


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