Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Anticipation and Kindergarten Readiness

In NSW they have this list for “is your child ready for Kindergarten?” (To “ease the confusion”: Kindergarten in NSW is the same as Prep in Queensland & Victoria – it is the school year for most kids the year they turn 6, but some will not turn 6 till the year after (“year 1”) ).

Here at Westy Central we’ve got Bob the Builder Fan. Pre-verbal. Pre-reading (in fact, at his most talkative when “reading from a book”). Pre-writing.

Assertive – but non-verbal.

On his way to an Autism Support Class in a mainstream school.

Counting, easily identifying who has the biggest piece of cake, or the most biscuits, and why isn’t it him?

With a keen eye for detail. Just not able to tell us why, or what it is, that makes this one different to those ones.

Able to spell his name (computer passwords are great tools for spelling!!) – but not say it. But can name & identify from a tiny fragment of a picture, over 40 Thomas the Tank characters, and 15 or so Bob the Builder characters, as well as his pre-school teachers – and all the teachers and kids from his new class. Can name himself in a photo – but not say “my name is…”

Spent all afternoon drawing… the same happy, sad and angry faces, over and over.

I so want to be at school with him next week. But I know he’ll be… fine. Lost. Great. Terrible. All that and more, all on the same day.

Success on day 1? The teacher at least having a strategy for how the next day can be better. Assuming she doesn’t tell us “Wow! What a great day! We can hardly keep up with him!” (We’ve heard that twice before… LOL!)


One response to “Anticipation and Kindergarten Readiness

  1. fiona2107 January 27, 2011 at 9:48 am

    Fingers crossed for you all. You are very well prepared so it can only be up from here 🙂

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