Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Lover’s day

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That day again…

The magic day when we’re meant to bust out of our skin telling our special someone, what we should be telling them… every day.

That day, where if we haven’t made the effort we’re being naughty.

That day, where we’re meant to spend money buying rubbish as an expression… of something that only our own, original thought, given freely and unprompted, can truly express.

But to top it off, it is a Monday. A Monday, just after I’ve had plenty of days off while the kids start school.

To Rebecca, yes, I love you as much as I ever have, over our (so close to) twenty years together, fifteen years of being a married couple, your twenty seven months of being pregnant, and our eight-and-a-half years of being parents.

Our time together over the last two years, the last year, even the last four months, has been a mess, tangled, learning curve about as steep as can be. We have been tested, we have tested each other, and ourselves, and here we are… together.

My gift to you is the most precious thing I have, my time, and I hope I can spend it wisely and be as much help to you as you need, to help us both to uncover better versions of ourselves and each other.

To anyone who wanders onto this post, I hope your Valentines Day has been spent thinking of that special person in your life – even if their time in your life has come and gone, or is yet to come. Happy Valentines Day, may it bring you love and happiness today and every day.


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