Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son


This is one of those terrible belated “OMG I’ve been so freaking busy” posts that pop up  every now and then thanks to guilt. Sorry in advance!

I know how much has gone on since my last decent post. Work has been…. that type of experience where if they’d stopped paying I would have stopped going on the spot. No questions asked! I didn’t really sign up for six day weeks, but sometimes they need to be done. But there were some positives. Cycling 20 km a day was really very good for me. Even if doing some of that along busy industrial roads isn’t quite such a great long term plan. My next challenge will be to ride to Blacktown instead of my closest station, each Friday.

BTB Fan has settled into school really well… althought, the teachers and aides seem to think the older SN kids see him as a self-mobile doll or teddy bear they can play with. At this stage it’s a bit amusing, and it is also forcing him to come up with some acceptable strategies for letting the older kids know when he’s had enough of being their toy so he can go and do the physical things he needs to do (like jumping off the top of the swing-set/climbing frame – again and again). But when the holidays rolled around, they were well and truly due for BTB Fan, Princess P and Guitar Hero Addict (who actually hasn’t played that for ages now).

I worked with a great bloke who was pretty much only filling in some time while he was on holidays. For a guy just “filling in his days” and stretching his holiday by earning a few bucks while he was in the country, we couldn’t have asked for a more professional approach. But now that Easter’s here he’s moved on, so I’m hoping he’s going to enjoy the rest of his holiday in ChCh and elsewhere.

Bec and I have helped a close friend, whose kids are also friends of BTB Fan, to get her first job since she has become a mother. I reckon she’s going to be as good a tutor as any parent would want for their kids, and as lovely a tutor as any kid would want taking up their day.

I worked some very long days, while BTB Fan went with his brother, sister and mum off to his grandparents. Then he came home, popped into bed, and said to me “let’s read a book“. It certainly made all the extra work I’d done staying home by myself seem worth it, to see him come home from a stretching, challenging, travelling experience (even if it is to a place he goes to regularly)… able to express himself in ways he was not able to do before he left.

And now all those hours worked are going to pay off, with 11 days in a row at home while the kids are visited by the Easter Bunny, and get started for term 2 of school.  Lets hope the new school term starts as well as the last term finished… but there’s some serious chocolate between now and then!


3 responses to “Busy-ness!

  1. Nicole English April 22, 2011 at 3:32 am

    Nice one. Big Props to BTB Fan and to chocolate 🙂

  2. CaRRiE April 23, 2011 at 7:56 am

    🙂 you are such a great Dad Westie! Looks like you have been super busy and sounds like you would be SUPER tired but you still manage to spend qualty time with your kids. Good on you mate and I hope the Easter Bunny brings an extra treat for you because you deserve it! Happy Easter Westie family x

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