Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Outa the blue

There’s a guy where I work, who since I moved into working in the city, has been planning & moving toward his retirement. In what is probably fairly normal, he had a plan then found that it would cost him a lot of money to do it that way.

So he took some holidays, and “returned home” to the UK for a bit, before coming back to work. It turns out he’s best off retiring in the new financial year (sometime in July).

All seemed good, he was really happy about having been back home, and also looking forward to officially counting down his last few weeks of work. What none of us expected for a really fit bloke is what happened though: he’s gone and had a heart attack just before he retires.

It’s one of those unfortunate events in life that give us all a reason to pause and think a little bit about what we do at work, why we’re there, and maybe should we be doing more away from work rather than at work. Well, it definately has for me anyway – given the number of days I’ve been putting in for someone elses benefit lately.

The other thing it has lead me to think about, is how very few of us go through our life “expecting” to have a heart attack, or be diagnosed with cancer, or whatever else happens to people, at any moment. The type of event which changes your life without notice – if you’re lucky, and it doesn’t just bring an end to your life.

So I’m trying – and I’m sure I’m not doing it as well as I would like to – to spend the time I’ve got with my family right now, in a way that if something untoward happens there’s no reason to say “I wish…”

While there are plenty of things I could wish for, I’m hoping I don’t have to say “I wish I’d spent more time and effort with my kids.” We all know I’m not going to ever say “I wish I’d spent more time at work!”

And if you happen to stumble upon this post you dodgy old pom… take your time, works not going anywhere while you’re getting better. It will be there if you want it, but you’ve also done plenty and deserve to retire with health on your side. Here’s hoping it swings back that way.


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