Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son


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Here at Westy central events are again putting a few things into perspective, or weight what we have against a few alternatives. Whether I feel it’s a good time to reflect or not!

We all know that the natural disasters have been thick and fast around the place, and thankfully, here in Western Sydney we’ve missed out on the cyclones, floods, storms, bushfires, earthquakes and tsunamis. That in itself should be enough for us all to rejoice in how wonderful each day is!

But the normal human reaction is to see the best that others have and the worst things we have ourself. For me lately it’s been a bit of stressing about my ongoing job circumstances (which suck… not the work so much, just the job circumstances ), and having a semi-verbal child starting school.

What I should do, is focus on the wonder and joy which that young boy brings me every day. When he does say things which – however scripted they might be – are entirely appropriate at the time. When the communications book comes home from school telling us how much he was counting (and counting and counting and counting…..). At the totally immersed joy he has, in the playground with a kid (almost) his age (well he was supposed to be watching football… but hey playing next to someone is almost as good, right??).

Focus on, the wonderful fact that he is a fantastically healthy, independant, powerful “boys boy” who loves climbing, jumping, and riding his bike. And he CAN do those things that he loves.

Just after Easter, a family friend was given the news that she was pregnant. Not just “a little bit”, but pretty much six months pregnant. Then on Mothers Day, she went into a very early labour.

She is right now the mother of a very sick young boy, who we hope, will be allowed home in about three months after some time in the post-natal intensive care unit at Westmead. As much as I can do for our friends, I know… that every night she will have to choose between coming home to the three children she already had, or staying at the hospital with her very sick newborn baby. Not just for a night or two, or for as long as a school camp runs, but for three months.

Our thoughts are with you, your husband and all your children – not just your baby – as you move through this. I hope you can reach out and find the help to move through this time in life which is there if you look. “It’s not weakness to accept help for your child” – and as I give that advice to someone else I hope I hear the lesson for myself as well.


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