Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Footy hall of fame, here we come

For the first time this season we were able to play both Princess P, AND Magpie, in their own age groups! At the same field! The way things have been this year it was a bit of a minor miracle.

Looking at our fixtures list, I don’t know if it happens again before July! But Magpie will “play up” with his sister I guess?

Putting the fantastic football displayed by the under 8’s and under 10’s though, one other thing today provided was a great opportunity for interaction with some kids that BTB Fan sees irregularly. And for his Dad to reach out and try to expand that circle of aquaintances, hoping that the more people he meets the more friends he might make.

Sure, he kept things in his comfort zone by staying in & around the playground the whole day, but more and more instead of just playing there while other kids are playing there too, he is actually seeking his playmates out to join in with their game, or wanting them to join in with his. He is – well “happily” is too strong a word – lets settle with “mildly imatiently” waiting his turn to be next on the flying fox, the monkey bars, or whatever else is on offer (and while he’s at it he’s putting kids twice his age to shame in his antics on those things).

We throw him in there “boots and all”, to sink or swim, but yeah we are close at hand so if he does sink… well, he won’t be drowning.

Who knows, one or more of these kids might be dragging him onto a footy field this time next year?

I’d best talk about the footy a little bit. Princess P did herself, her family and her team proud, pulling on the other teams colours to pad out thier numbers. I think we ended up with a full complement, twelve-a-side under 10’s running the football quite well. It was great to see how far the teamwork, and individual skills have come since the start of the season, six or eight weeks ago now.

And again the under 8’s… Magpie put the skills he has picked up playing in his big sisters team to good use. And his mate M picked up player of the week, which is a pretty cool deal in itself!


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