Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Well that’s over!

Yes, there has been a mighty break in this blog for the last little while. Work has been “that place you only go because they’re paying you to”, with long days and everyone wanting everything yesterday.

We have been doing HEAPS! The kids have been apparently doing fantastically considering their “new kids” status, which must have disapeared by now because everyone seems to know them. Princess P and Magpie have both been given what boil down to citizenship awards, given they have had to get settled into a new school this has been a great achievement.

Bec & I were both there to see the awards being handed out, and we were over the moon to see a boy from BTB Fan’s class going up with the kids his age to get his award too.

We already knew from BTB Fan’s teacher and communications book that fitting in with the school expectations is a very important part of being in the support classes. But rather than it all be based on losing privileges – which certainly does happen, including for some reason to our angel of a son! – it’s great to see that the support class kids have their own goals to meet, and it comes with the same award the rest of the school receives.
So now that I’m back to my more normal working hours… I will be back here more often!


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