Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Sounds like “Progress”

Some of my recurring themes around here are “define your on success” and the importance of monitoring, reviewing and evaluating if you ever want to reach that success.

Not long ago I posted about my concerns that my son was going to have so much trouble learning to read, he has now found himself a favourite book – “When I’m feeling SAD” by Trace Moroney.

So, between his book about a rabbit learning what it means to feel sad, that it’s OK to feel sad, and some things we can do to move on from feeling sad, and the flash-cards I was using two years ago with Magpie, and four years ago with Princess P, we seem to be getting somewhere. At current count, about 20 words of three letters or less that he can not only read from the flash-cards, but also pick out of a book that’s really laid out to be read to a child, rather than read by a child. And sometimes, we can even find the same words in other books, too… like Go, Dog, Go! or other Suess classics.


So in all, a pretty darn good effort for a lad who’s learning to say some of these words at the same time he’s learning to read them. Well done buddy!


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