Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Take me to the river….

Those of us in Sydney know the weather has been all over the place lately.
Combined with that, well, it’s “that time of year” – approaching the end of term 4, kids all over Australia are “losing their shit” over more and more trivial issues.

Our sanity had a brief reprieve thanks to Princess P being invited to a sleep-over birthday party on Saturday night. Apparently it was a massive success. Six nine year old girls asleep on the floor in the same room… what was the mother of the birthday girl thinking?? 😉

Sunday morning was off to a great start then as Bec took Magpie for a drive to collect Princess P. BTB Fan was left to his own devices, in coming up with ways to keep his father and nine adorable puppie dogs (and their two parent dogs!) amused. And then there was that small issue of “mowing the lawn” (for the last time ever with our cantankerous POS victa…). But all in all, a peaceful morning. With a polite but assertive son happily occupying himself and as he needed to checking in with his father.

This was doomed to fail of course, and it did, within moments of Magpie and Princess P returning. Squabbling kids, hot weather, and a dad who’d just finished mowing the lawn in the leadup to Sydney summer sunny Sunday… yuck.

Rescue came in the form of a call to go to the river. We happen to live a short (enough) drive from Windsor where there is a great river beach on the Hawkesbury river. BIG sandhill, long dog-friendly beach, no waves… only downside is it’s river water but as a country kid who grew up a long way from the surf, that’s no real downside at all!

Apparently there’s not much better to do on a hot sunday than roll down the sandhill, wash the sand off in the river… and do it all over again.

All I know is, Sunday night was a lot calmer than early Sunday afternoon!


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