Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Transport Tuesday

I know, I know, it’s Wednesday already. But this is about both yesterday, and today, so it still counts right?

For those not in Sydney, we’ve had pre-summer conditions. 37 degrees C and beyond… which is damn well close enough to a hundred F for me to not worry about the difference.

Then yesterday, we had some turnaround. Windy, rainy, straight back to… well not midwinter but a lot cooler, windier, and light rain rainy. All in all if we could just not have the wind, a great day for riding! It inspired me to what felt like a personal best time from station to home. Which set me up for this morning, didn’t it…

Overnight, the weather retreated even further into winter mode. I woke up, heard the rain and “hoped” it would ease off while I slept a bit longer. Don’t quite know if it worked or not but at 6:40 am I was a lot less against hopping on the bike than I had been an hour earlier.

Oh my. My legs didn’t want to know about the bike, which made the wind & (cold!) rain that much worse, and the trip that much longer. Well toward the 25 minute mark which for me for that ride is a really bad result.

But: what is it about cars, bikes and roundabouts?

No matter how much I attempt to “own the lane”, cars seem happy to let me into the roundabout. They let me move through the roundabout. Then – when the road is at its narrowest, and there’s the most opportunity for things to go wrong – as I am transitioning from the roundabout to the road ahead, that is when they choose to crowd me, and overtake.

Seriously car drivers, ten more seconds and I will be able to move back onto the left side of the road. But please, let me exit roundabouts. The road exiting a roundabout does crazy things, the road surface is all over the place, often I’m either in too high or too low a gear because it’s so hard to know 10m in advance if I will be set to go through or not. And that’s when you choose to crowd and overtake me.

If the rain was the worst thing I had to contend with, I wouldn’t be writing about it!


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