Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Throwing down the gauntlet

It has come to my attention that I have been neglecting things around here. My side of course is that I have had a hectic year – it’s quite difficult for me to comprehend that one year ago I was working in state government helping in a mid-level role, on an information technology project, helping the agency get ready to be swallowed by some other organisation. That role had me living in my home in Western Sydney, commuting by bicycle and suburban train each day for about two hours, seeing my kids every day. At the same time I was extremely involved in assisting my Autistic son as he was half way through his first year in school, and quite involved in my daughter and her Australian Rules Football team the St Clair Crows.

With very little notice, I was made a hard-to-refuse offer with a dollar value attached to finish my public service career and “move on with my life.”

And a chapter of my life – working in the Sydney CBD – closed after about ten short months.

This turn of events had quite a dramatic effect on my life, and in all the noise, my regular blogging went by the wayside. It has been missed, only somewhat compensated by tweeting and Facebook. I have had some fantastic experiences, along with some pretty low points – being “between work” for the longest time in my life.

But that’s behind me now, as I have been back at work since late March. Yet some four months later, still only very infrequent blog-writing – marked mostly by ANZAC Day!

Yesterday, another milestone event happened, when Autism United was closed. I discussed this with a guy I’m very happy to have met since coming to Canberra, and he’s suggested a challenge for me.

Without giving away the target – because I’d rather not reach the target then stop! – it’s a very typical “article a day” challenge. I’m happy I had that chat, and I will endeavor to reach the target he set. But for now, let’s just finish with… Challenge accepted.


4 responses to “Throwing down the gauntlet

    • Westie June 21, 2012 at 11:37 am

      Thanks for making working in Canberra a positive experience. Fingers crossed I can keep at it this time around and you’ve set a much higher target than I have worked to before.

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