Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Mrs Westie is joining the Blog-o-sphere. Would be great if you can pop in and say g’day!!


Yep, hmmmmm.. not very inspiring hey? But bear with me, I’m sure I’ll get there, as always, my timing when it comes to starting new things is far from ideal (who would have thought that setting up a new blog page post 9pm would be hard). While hubby is self described as Mr Geeky, and having three kids more techno savvy than me what hope have i got. I mean my daughter has informed me she’s showing her teacher how to use an I pad even though she doesn’t have one and showing her how to use the computer. But that’s the kind of girl she is, if she sees someone who needs help she’ll help, bless her cotton socks. My middle child will randomly tell us something we owned we didn’t already know, (even if we’ve owned it for years, and our youngest son with his limited communication skills…

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