Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

What success tastes like

BTB Fan on a Vomit Stick. It spins, is it any wonder it’s fun?

Today being Monday I started the week in what is now my usual routine: woke at a time most people would call the middle of the night, had breakfast, kissed the kids, got dressed and hit the road. All before 4:30am.

Getting ready for the week away starts way too late the day before of course.  Even earlier than that, comes getting my bunch of kids all tired out so when it comes time for me to get ready, they will be tuckered out, bathed, fed and tucked into bed.

So with that in mind, I took BTB Fan out for a bit of a bike ride. It was great. He is really good at riding his bike, unlike a lot of kids on the Autism spectrum he has great physical development and knows exactly where he is in the world. In a wonderful development though, this weekend he started using the brakes on his bike. This is a really positive thing! Up until this weekend, the only time he had used his brakes was at really bad moments – riding along on straight and level ground, usually right in front of his brother, he would slam his brakes on and quite often cause a bit of a pile-up.

But this weekend, he was heading down the hill and he said…slow down, and he used his brakes to slow his bike down, and stopped.

So not only did he use his brakes, he actually talked about what he was doing.

And then, when we got to the park, he was on a ride and he said I’m having fun.

Riding bikes, and talking. What more can we ask for?


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