Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Whine-free Wednesday

Inspiration comes from the craziest places. On a day when so many of my bloggy-friends enjoy their wordlessness (is that an Autism thing? I’m interested to know), my inspiration comes from the most bizzare of social network tools – Yammer, the social network tool that links you with all those people you only spend time with because somebody is paying you to (ie: your colleagues at work).

Searching Twitter tells me that being Whine-free for Wednesday is not altogether all that popular, and I’m told that it remains an area of my life I could improve in. Having said that, it has been an extremely interesting concept, to attempt (I did say I’m not all that good at this yet) to go a whole day without whining or whinging. Anyone who knows me for more than, oh, about an hour or two, would agree that I love having a good whinge about “something, anything“. Which I would say i s a fair assessment, because I will readily admit: I enjoy a good whinge. It lightens my soul, and provides those near me with a direct insight into how trivial issues encompass great sections of my brain.

Being whine-free seems to be a far from popular social media topic, though, if Twitter is anything to go by, or indeed Google. The Passive Voice seems to be the most recent blog I can find, and Twitter doesn’t show much. But it’s a great release, even if it takes me some effort, to remain positive past my first coffee.

Is whinging built in to the Aussie ethos? You ask an Aussie how we’re going, we’re likely to say “not bad“. Is that a whinge? We don’t jump right out and say “I’m great, thanks for asking!” or “how do you do” straight back at the person asking us. I am embarking on that personal quest too, to respond positively and cheerfully when people ask me how I am. I know they certainly don’t want to hear how bad I’m going.

I will say at this point it’s quite difficult to not complain about having lost this blog post and having to re-write it – that’s constructive criticism of the WordPress pop-out editing widget, not an aimless whinge… 😉


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