Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Feedback… it’s not good enough

Feedback is an interesting activity.

People on the recieving end can feel very nervous about feedback.

This can make the people providing it very apprehensive.

And parents can often be quite defensive about the feedback given to their children, in the form of a report.


Having come to the end of a school term (or semester, or something), it is school report time. The first thing I will say is, my kids have done fantastic work, and the school is doing quite a good job of providing them with work that challenges my three kids at a pretty reasonable level.

They are also somewhat demanding about their expectations, in terms of tasks such as writing and mathmatics.

So if they are that demanding in their standards for written work. Why have they been so bad at providing feedback?

Where results range from “Outstanding” to “Limited“, for any child who is not “outstandingthen any comment should include “results could be improved by…” or “needs to work on…” Instead, we have three reports from three different teachers signed by two difference Assistant Principles, which say nothing except what our children can do. Sorry, I actually need to know what my kids can’t do but should be able to do, a lot more than I need to know what they can do.

This applies to all my children. To my daughter, to my middle son, and my son who has Autism. Although, with an ILP in place, the support teacher has the most concrete assessment of what our Autistic son is doing, and what still needs to be worked on.


To all the Westie kids. Good work so far this year. Here’s hoping you keep hard at it, and, when we go and talk to your teachers, they can actually tell us what you need to do to improve – rather than what you would have to stop doing to achieve a poorer report at the end of the year.


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