Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Ten years. Oh, my!

There are moments in life that seem to have been designed to make people stop, and think.

To me, birthdays with a 0 in them seem to have been purposely invented just to make people stop, and think. Tomorrow, my Princess P turns 10.

Things have changed. Almost all of them are “qualitative” changes. Clearly, as she is my eldest child, so we have gone from “childless” to “parents” – parents times three, including one diagnosed with Autism.

We have gone from renters, to homeowners.

We have said goodbye to our longtime pet dog, Mollie, who has gone “to the farm” where all good dogs end up.

Ten years ago, I had a mobile phone – my wife, who worked in the same place every day, did not because “why would she need one?

I was leaving to work from home every day. Right now, I leave on Monday and come home on Friday.

We had dial-up internet, and connected to sites like MySpace, and used download services like Napster.

All my photos from then, were taken on film.

I had to think about what I could do on the weekend. Now I have to think about what I can not do on any given weekend.

I had been in the Army Reserve for about 11 years, but between children and their changes in training requirements that is no more.


To my Princess P, I say thank you for changing my life, along with your brothers, you have bought boundless happiness. I hope your birthday tomorrow is great and we have as much fun getting you from 10 to 20 as we had getting you from 0 to 10.


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