Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Being Happy

This year, I’ve been working away from home. Up until now in my blogging, most of what I have written about has been: home life, technology in my home, how my kids use technology, and travelling between home and work.

But now, I’m only home on weekends. Which eliminates a lot of that inspiration I have previously drawn on. And to some other level it has changed my path to happiness.

In looking for something to write about tonight, I ended up over at Hopeful Parents, where I found a fantastic post by Jeanie about choosing to be happy. This really struck a chord with me tonight, because being happy in a vastly different life is something I have been thinking a fair bit about, lately. It seems very selfish of me, to be happy, while spending time away from my wife who has to make so many more obvious sacrifices on a daily basis – while I simply remove myself from the chaos, and drive four hours away for a whole working week at a time.

Being happy is a choice. Life, and the Universe, is not “fair.” It is pretty much a series of disconnected events, with one particular life-form – humans – wandering around trying to add Narativium* to all the randomness. Stuff happens around us. Some of it happens to us. We can react, interact, and respond. Mainly in action, but also in thought, and feeling.

We can think about, and dwell on, what isn’t, can’t be, and never will be. Or we can think about, discuss, and build plans about, what is, could be, and what we would like to be. Of course, we need some plans b, c and possibly all the way through to z. But right now, I’m trying to enjoy what is, and trying to work out how I can extend my happiness to include more of the people I wish were with me every single day. I had some great times this week, catching up with an Aunty I have not seen for far too long, and hearing her talk with her sister about their childhood (before I was born… which makes it prehistoric, right?). They are spending their weekend investigating a city neither of them spend much time in together, which in itself – being together – is something they don’t spend a great deal of time doing. It’s been great seeing them together and I’m hoping they get a great deal more of it in the next little while.


*Thanks to Terry Pratchett for that concept. Google him, download a few of his books, and have a really great weekend.


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