Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Functional isn’t enough

Today I went to the mall with my son Bob The Builder Fan. While we were there we experienced something which shows both how far he has come since his last birthday, and at the same time, how different he is to other children his age.
Everything started well. He got ready really well, including packing away random stuff he had pulled out getting himself ready. He had some difficulty Roth his seatbelt, and with a bit of prompting, asked me to help. When we got to the mall, he walked calmly from the car to the elevator.
About there some less positive behavior started to creep in. One particular part of being in a shopping centre we have trouble with is children’s rides. Our son is still really enjoying rides designed for children far younger than he is now.
On the positive side, he enjoys being on them weather we put money in them or not.
On the negative side, if he sees another child on a ride, he reacts very poorly. He will either scream, cry, or say in quite an aggressive tone “get out of there!” – in about the tone you would use if your neighbours cat was in your garbage bin getting your rubbish all over your kitchen floor.

Clearly, this is a great advance in functional speech compared to mid-2011. Unfortunately, it’s another example of the battle that is Autism, with each victory simply highlighting the start of the next battle.

But that’s OK, because we’ll fight that one, too.


All three on a ride at Westfields in “The Riff”


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