Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Apples land near the tree

Yesterday, I visited a person to help them with a problem they were having. While I was there we discussed a few other topics as people normally do.

This person runs some events in support of the autism community and mentioned to me some unusual behaviour she had noticed at a recent event. It related to the behavior of a carer rather than a participant.

Unfortunately, any organisation which delivers services to minors, has to engage those kids through a guardian. Possibly a parent, possibly somebody else. So here is an organisation which is delivering services to people with physical, mental and emotional elements, by engaging the carers. Most of those carers are closely related to the people they are caring for, and when we take our child to be assessed to identify what might explain their behaviour we are told there is a heavy hereditary component to these conditions.

So can somebody please explain to me why it is surprising to people who run respite services, that some of the people who need those services the most, might be less than sociable? Might have anxiety or social phobias which strongly impact how they deal with others?


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