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Transport Tuesday

Before I know it, it’s going to be a year since I applied for the job in Canberra where I am now working.

I applied knowing that it would mean, early morning starts one day a week, late night finishes one other night a week, to commute from home to Canberra, and a far different commute three other days of the week.

Compared to Sydney, Canberra is quite a compact, tidy little city, well laid out, planned and built in a fairly close approximation of those plans laid down by Walter Burley Griffin so many years ago. With quite good roads, along thought out road corridors, which often include cycleways either as a lane or off to one side of the road – well away from the traffic.

Plan of Canberra, 1913
Public domain Image via wikipedia

Last year at this time of year, I was riding my bicycle 5km to and from my local railway station in Sydney. Often in the rain, often leaving the house as early as 4am, to get to the Sydney CBD in time to start work at some ridiculous time of the morning. With that in mind, I had planned to ride a bicycle to and from work within Canberra at least one morning a week. Yet, in almost four months, all I have done is drive… and come up with excuses as to why I am in my car.

And lately, complain about being inactive. Eating less. Yet still putting on weight.

Yes, I’m getting somewhere.

Tonight, as I was wandering around the campus where I work, I bumped into a guy gearing up to hop on his bike and ride home. After a day at work. It was pre-dusk, and raining. I asked him where he was off to… and he pretty much said to me “just around the corner from where you stay.” It set me thinking, a little, but I bought my bottle of coke, went back to my desk, and kept working.

About an hour or so later, I’d had enough. So I grabbed my stuff, and headed off toward the car-park where my car was waiting. On the way out the door, I notice it’s raining even more heavily than before, and in the foyer there’s some other cyclist gearing up. To ride home, in the rain.

So I ask him where he’s off to.

He’s heading even further away than me.

As I said, Canberra is a pretty small place. Driving from one corner of Canberra, straight past my work and onto Queanbeyan, is not even 20km.

So: why am I making so many excuses, standing up reasons that aren’t there, and driving every. Single. Day?

Wake up. Don’t be part of the problem. Help solve it.

It’s time to get on my bike.


4 responses to “Transport Tuesday

  1. Think Wisely Now July 10, 2012 at 10:23 am

    so you’re riding to work tomorrow? 🙂

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