Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Party Night

Two weeks ago, Princess P turned ten years old. In a couple of days time, it will be Bob the Builder Fan’s turn and he will be seven.
If anyone ever asks, having three children in the space of three years was an incredible experience. That doesn’t mean I recommend it to anyone to repeat, though. I digress.
In the last year, our son with Autism has been coming along developmentally like a freight train. He really enjoyed being in Early Intervention Pre School, and the transition to Big School went well enough but in its own way it did interrupt his progress. Twelve months ago though he was over that hump and he has been picking up speed ever since.
Which is lucky of course given that the Autism Fairy waves her wand and cures Australian children of Autism on their 7th birthday. Oops, again I digress.
In the last twelve months, between Reading Eggs, Mathletics, school itself, and the outings they do, on top of his family life, our son is developing independence, resilience, and the communication skills to go with his assertive nature. We are still working on his social skills, and keeping a close eye on what the school considers acceptable levels of both social and academic progress. So far, so good. Our fingers stay crossed.

Wishing my son a fantastic night tonight, as well as the night of his birthday.







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