Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Wheely Wednesday

Yesterday on Transport Tuesday I revisited the previous weeks post where I mentioned that I hadn’t ridden my bike to work for the whole time I had been in Canberra.

This is in strong contrast to last year, where for a while, I would ride 5km from home to the railway station, take my bike on the train, then ride another 5km from a station to my office in the morning, and do the return trip each afternoon. I will also point out that Hill Road in the vicinity of Homebush seems to be far more busy than any road in Canberra, and that’s one of the roads I rode twice each day…

So today, before 7am, I struggled out of bed (compared to 4am on Monday!), jumped on the bike and set off on this ride. I got a bit side tracked and stayed along the lake a lot more than planned, though, and went on the northern side of Capital Hill… which unlike Mount Druitt, seems to actually be a hill.

My bicycle ride from the AFP Compound on Streeton Drive to the Canberra Eye Hospital

This afternoon, I rode much the same route, although I stayed on Cotter Road. Which was less of a concern than I had thought it would be.

So my fingers are crossed and plans are in place to do the same thing at least one day next week.


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