Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

A far more thoughtful response to my childrens birthday celebrations!


Ahh, July. It’s that time of year, tax returns are being processed, term two finishes and so begins the school holidays, and for us we have two birthdays to celebrate. So far we’ve encountered a mixture of some promising prospects for later on some pleasant instant surprises and some letdowns and whammies.  We’d already had a hectic and interesting lead up to July involving fruitless searches for warm jackets, the parties and family catch ups and on one weekend we thought we’d have a nice boring weekend until Magpie pulled a shelf off the wall, thankfully without seriously hurting anyone. With any luck, that shelf will be reinstalled on the wall sooner rather than later. See that bit I highlighted in italics? That is my current dream, boredom, amongst other things.

Our daughter Space Cadet turned ten, on the first week at the end of term two. Ten years ago…

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