Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

M is for Motivation

My cycling is now back on track, because I’ve done it so many times in a row – once!

What that means is, I need to come up with something to turn a concept into a repeated event, into a routine. Because our life might be made interesting by one-off events, but it is shaped by our routines, and I am aiming to be fitter on my 40th birthday than I was on my 39th (ooh, scary).

How will I achieve this?

A common means of effecting human behavior can be summarised with the word “bribery.”

How can I bribe myself? At this stage I’ve made one choice: when I commute to and from work by bike 30 times, I will get myself a new pair of boots.

This seems like it will be a reasonable thing, because it will let me leave one pair of boots at the office so I can have nice shoes at work when I ride my bike to get there. It will also mean by the time I spend the money to do this, riding my bike will become if not a habit, at least a routine. It will also take me at least ten weeks to achieve this goal.

Success is all in the definition.

So far, I’ve succeeded in going from “one day” to “day one“.


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