Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son


I’m sticking with a short, sharp, to-the-point blog tonight, after rabbitting on about cycling around Canberra all week.

While I am away in Canberra, cycling in the brisk morning air, catching up with relatives, and eating in wonderful places I should write about but don’t quite get to. Meanwhile, my wife is at home with two active children and on top of that one more-than-active child with Autism.

In the midst of all this she has returned to work, committed to weight loss, and helps out with the things she can for the football team. Even though she is at weight watchers while the kids play football.

As she says in her blog entry “glug’s all good for you…

My families’ health issue created so much stress, pain and discomfort I started to think about what I could be facing, what could I inherit? So, what could I do to avoid this. The first answer any doctor tells an overweight patient is to lose weight, lose that unnecessary strain those extra kilos add.

My wife is so very inspirational to me and has been over such a long time. Like all of us, her life has not gone 100% to plan all of the time. She has done some things she has been less than proud of in the moment. But she picks herself up, identifies what is important, and gets on with whatever that happens to be… for a little too long she has not chosen for herself to be “that important thing”, and now that she is, I’m very happy to be along enjoying her success.


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