Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Wheely Wednesday

Today marked Week Three and my third successful both-way commute from where I stay each week in Canberra to work, about 12km each way. This gives me a total cycle commute of about 75km to date, so next week I will break my 100km cycling in Canberra milestone.

Today, my trip to work was again a little more exciting than I would really like, as I rode around State Circle. State Circle is one of two ring roads that go all the way around the Australian Parliament House, so in international terms it is probably an interesting aspect of life in Canberra that do many people drive on it. Every single day. And they are just getting about Canberra, not going to the Parliament as such!

So anyway, to get to work I ride around State Circle in a clockwise direction, about three quarters of a full lap. That part is no great drama, there is enough room and drivers are well behaved. Until it’s time to exit.

Then it all just gets messy, and after two rides, I’m still looking for the best way to handle this particular lop-sided hill (it has to be a hill of course).

If that wasn’t enough, on the way home I saw something which to now I had only ever seen in Canberra near the airport: a queue of traffic! So here I am riding past very slow moving cars (in Sydney they would not have been moving at all) on a cycling lane, deprecated from the cages by a thin white line. I’m in a world of my own of course. Behind me there’s a sudden “Woooorrr” from nowhere, as motorcycle copper announces his presence.

My immediate response is to jump iny saddle of course, shocked back to the moment as he pulls alongside me and with a chuckle in his voice calls out “sorry mate” over the low rumble of his motorbike.

Hopefully, that is as exciting as commuting in Canberra ever gets!


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