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Defining Success

I’m a fan of spelling out exactly what success means to you. If you don’t spell it out before you set out to get there, you won’t know when you’ve reached it. It will slip by, unnoticed, while more than likely, you are concentrating on those things you are still striving to achieve.

And some of those things will – eventually – find a way to grind you down.

So with that I’m really happy to tell everyone about a fantastic blog I’ve just started to follow closely, 100 Days 100 Ways. In her first blog for August, Kim sets out – clearly and in specific detail – her goals for the month:

1. weigh-in at 70kg

2. learn 50 new words of Japanese vocabulary
3. learn to read another 100 Japanese Kanji characters

4. photograph and process images twice a week
5. update all three blogs twice a week four times a week
7.climb a new mountain in Japan once a week
8.45 push-ups
9.5-minute plank

10.Skype the family daily whilst I’m overseas

Compared to my current goals, that list looks truly amazing – the type of challenge I would have set myself back while I as thinking about setting myself challenges rather than “surviving”.

So with this inspiration, and her advice ringing soundly – “Do not overcommit by having too many goals” – my goals for August:

  1. Cycle from Weston Creek to Fyshwick, and back, at least six times.
  2. Commence doing both pushups and situps on a daily basis, Tuesday to Friday, as of 7th August.
  3. Continue to contribute to the #photoaday challenge for August on Instagram.

I think that will do it, for August. I turn 40 in September… so if I can be fitter before then, that will be great!


One response to “Defining Success

  1. Suse August 3, 2012 at 5:34 pm

    Sounds good Westie – Kim’s list just makes me feel tired!
    My goal is to wean myself off those after-tea snacks that have crept back in over winter 🙂

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