Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Examples from “those games”

I’m pretty sure the whole world knows that a certain event is on in the capital city of the country that colonised Sydney harbour so many years ago. That particular event has become so distorted from its original intention – even the modern version – that I’m going to totally avoid naming the event, city or even country.

So far, we’ve seen bizarre behaviour such as banning small shops from using the name of the city, and having marshals who wander around looking for personal wifi hotspots so they can advise people to shut it down, or leave. We’ve also seen dramatically different reactions from competitors at the finish of an event – Aussies bursting into tears if they fail to win is a disgrace. Exuberance from teams from other nations for just being there, or for finishing on the podium, is what this event is supposed to be all about.

As long as you measure your own success in comparison to somebody else, you run the risk of being disappointed because somebody else manages a better result on the day.

If you’re competing to be the best in the world then I guess that might be ok. It’s one thing to not be happy with your result. But anyone who is devastated that somebody else just happens to be better than them on a given day is no example for me to aspire to.


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