Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Wheely Wednesday

Another week, another Wednesday, another effort at cycling to work.

The good news being, my time is moving in the right direction, even though my motivation was somewhat lagging.

I rode my way along Molongolo river, before heading back to the Cotter Road and onto Adelaide Drive. For the first time, I was able to ride around State Circle and move onto Brisbane Drive without getting in anybodys way. I was most impressed with my ability to negotiate some intersections which have been causing me grief up till now.

My ride times over the last few weeks are certainly moving in the right direction:

25 July 2012 1 hr 12 minutes 43 seconds

1 August 2012 1 hr 4 minutes 30 seconds

8 August 2012 1 hr 3 minutes 54 seconds

These times are rather unscientific, based on me being in the house when I start the timer on my phone, and about at the front door to the office when I stop it. So chances are there is no real difference in the last week. However, I will take what improvement I can get.

For those of us who are training.

Image thanks to via their facebook page

What you already own, you can add to that list.
I own my bike, any day I ride it, at the very worst – I become unfit more slowly than if I stay off the bike.


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