Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Ten Day Challenge Day Two

Thanks again to Tezza, I’m up to Day Two of her Ten Day Challenge.

Day Two: Nine things you do everyday

My coffee is usually better than this though

  1. Coffee – I’m an addict. Latte, with two sugars thanks!
  2. Instagram. You can find me there very easily. I’m doing a #phototaday challenge for the second month in a row.
  3. Be online. Not “go” online, or “surf the web”, but be online.
  4. Talk, blog, write, and read about Autism. It’s central to my life, and has been for about five years now.
  5. Check out – whatever other news is happening in the world just isn’t anywhere near as important to me. Although, I’m starting to like the site and the content less.
  6. Walk. No matter what, I end up walking, often not as much as I would like while I’m working in Canberra. But yeah, I walk a lot more than most.
  7. THREE MEALS. I don’t skip meals, I rarely snack, but I have breakfast. Lunch. And Dinner.
  8. Blog. I’ve been writing an article a day for over a month, thanks to Alan at – and now to Tezza for ten days of inspiration!
  9. Read. I read plenty of blogs. I comment when I feel inspired, I reblog sometimes, or others, you inspire me to write a whole blog of my own (or series of blogs!)

If you have a blog a day challenge for me, I’d love you to inspire me – leave a comment, or tweet me, or hit me up on my facebook page.


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