Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Ten Day Challenge Day Three


Todays challenge is a bit against a current ethos to not “whinge“. But I will do my best. At least it hasn’t happened on a “Whinge-free Wednesday“, right? Nor even a “Whine-free Work Week”.

So: Onto todays theme thanks to Tezza at MyTeeFine.

Eight things that annoy you

  1. No matter how many channels are on the TV, “there’s nothing on
  2. That right now, I work so far from my family.
  3. That because of #2, I don’t get to eat dinner with my family as often as I would like to – I only eat with them Friday (if I’m lucky), Saturday and Sunday nights.
  4. People who smoke clogging up all the outdoor tables
  5. Having to explain myself to idiots. I’m fine with explaining myself to people who simply don’t know something, but having to do it to idiots is annoying.
  6. That Bureaucracy turns so slowly. I work within it so much and have done for so long, I should just get over it, right?
  7. People who have no idea, judging things they should accept.
  8. People who substitute “complaining” for “attempting to change a situation.” Yes there is some irony there, but the thing is, most of what I like to complain about – I enjoy complaining.

Nothing there


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