Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Ten Day Challenge Day Six

Day six is “Five things I can’t live without“, the range of themes here is feeling quite limited however I’m quite a way into this thing so I’m continuing to the end.

When I’m really hard up, I even drink the stuff made by that clown.

      1. Coffee.
        I’ve said it before, I’m an addict, which probably means… I can’t live without it.
      2. Teh Interwebs.
        I have no idea what I would do if Conroy turned the whole thing off. I might have to go back to “reading books” or something?
      3. Exercise.
        Exercise resets me.
        When I have to deal with people, I eventually just need “to go.” Usually, exercise resets me. It might be walking, or a punching bag, or lifting weights, or cycling.
        But whatever it is… my life would be seriously not worth living without a bit of it.
      4. My animals.
        They really annoy me.
        But, us Westies live in a real menagerie, with chooks, a cat, and dogs – two full-time and right now seven little puppies.
        They are right up there with the exercise, and often, the reason for exercising.
      5. My wonderful wife, and kids!

Kids like these, of course I’d be lost without them!

My wonderful wife


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