Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Ten Day Challenge Day Seven… Unforgettable

Day Seven: Four memories you won’t forget

I’m sappy, and I’m scary. I’m also going to cheat and do todays challenge twice.

My memory also sucks, so to be truthful I may well actually forget any one of these moments. My memory relies heavily on external stimuli – photos, letters, items. I’m not sure how regular that is but my memory seems poor compared to most people I know.

But everything in this list seem memorable to me.


  1. I sorta remember my wedding day. I’m not giving much away to say, I probably don’t remember as much of it as I should, but I remember being at the front of the church, I remember Bec walking in the church and down the aisle, and going to do the wedding day photos. I also remember, stealing the best mans’ thunder and mentioning everything he was supposed to talk about.
  2. There was one particular exercise I attended with the Australian Army where there were fighter jets flying overhead, howitzers, mortars, tanks, machine guns, armoured personnel carriers, and infantry pushing there way up a hill. It was incredible and I was so glad to be in amongst it, and equally glad to have never had to do it for real.
  3. Births of my children. They were all special moments and cannot be seperated. Helps that one of them ended with a nurse going to get a camera to take a photo of what was going on, because “that doesn’t normally happen.”
  4. Passing my drivering test. This was as close to a rite-of-passage as we have in Australia, especially for non sporty kids who go to an all male boarding school. I went along to a police station in a rural village, drove about half way around a block with a police officer in the car, turned the car around and went back to the police station. It was great.

Less Great

  1. At the end of a course I attended, the Course Sergeant Major stood directly in front of me, and read out all my “constructive criticism” regarding how the course had been run. It was the first effort within the Australian Army at running that course in a particular way, and it seemed that they had succeeded in not making anyone happy – not the course management, not the course participants, not the course staff. Yet they still did not want to hear actual constructive critique of how things had been run.
  2. My son’s assessment for Autism.
    It was wonderful to get some actual answers to what my wife and I had been facing.
    But it was confrontational, it was terrible, it was the death to a whole future which had never had a chance to exist.
  3. Car accident, age 4-ish.
    When I was very young, I was in a terrible car accident. It involved too many children, farm impliments, a head-on collision, a person who died, and my mother being trapped well beyond the time I was packed into an ambulance and driven off to hospital.
    There is nothing positive in this memory, that I have managed to bring with me through 35 years.
  4. My last day as a public servant. This is about twelve months ago right now. At the time, it was an incredibly confronting moment. A year on, it has not been all negative.

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