Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Ten Day Challenge Day Eight

Today’s theme is three words you can’t go a day without using. While I’m working away from my family, this is quite a bit harder than it normally would be.

It would be very rare for me to go a day without swearing, but I’d rather stay well away from that.

About my next most frequently used word would be Autism. My youngest child is quite central to my conversations, both online and more broadly. If I’m not talking about him, I’m often joining in one conversation or another about the Autism movement, or providing my own thoughts to some issue somebody is having with their autistic child, or a service provider.

My career is centered around computers. On top of that, many of my friends and relatives see me as a go-to type of guy about all topics computer related. It is probably ten years since I’ve been able to go a day without saying the word COMPUTER at least once.

For a good while now, my focus in both personal and professional life has been on “success”. We need to know what goals we are setting, and why; we need to review these goals, and be ready to cast them aside if hey become irrelevant. We also have to pay attention, and notice when our successes arrive do we can set new goals.


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