Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

OMFG It’s the end of another weekend!!

Wow! How can one family fit so much into one weekend??
I had a very late finish to my working week, but still made it home at a sensible time to find a not-very-well wife and daughter along with two bouncing off the walls healthy sons.

I had also been wrangling with the people from an online classified advertising site in trying to list some pups to sell.

The sick female members of the house I dealt with in the most caring of male manners – I left them alone as much as I possibly could. I did this on Saturday by taking my two boys for a swim in the local pool. BTB Fan had a ball, going so far as to get fully underwater. He really enjoyed having the whole pool to himself – as it was such a dismal day the place was virtually unoccupied.

My Sunday started again with letting the girls sleep as late as I could. The as for the pups had gone live, and some emails started trickling in. I left the house for a while, and Bec rang me asking “just how much are we asking for each of these pups?

By the time I got home, it was to confirm two sales. So we have finished the weekend on quite a positive note.

If next weekend gives more opportunity for rest, I won’t be complaining.


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