Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Ten Day Challenge Day Eleven

WTF? I hear.

Yes, it’s day 11 of the 10 day challenge.

A blog a day, for ten days.

My question of course, is, what’s the point, if all I do is follow the bouncing ball?

Why is it that I embarked on a ten day challenge?

It was all about “motivation and inspiration”.

My blogging started as simple lists. It has included lists, prose, images, and video, including music videos. I rediscovered that I can in fact write about anything. I just need the prod in the right direction.

Separated from my family as I am, that inspiration is proving somewhat difficult to chase down. But I am of course chasing that inspiration, the feeling, the Mabo or “the vibe“.

If you’ve followed me for the ride, thanks! I’ve enjoyed chiming in with what has been a pretty random blogging challenge not related to anything much at all. In itself, the blogging challenge didn’t refer me to AFL, Autism, children, parenting or relationships, however these are the themes I found – within myself – through participation in this blogging challenge.


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