Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son


Regular as clockwork, it’s Friday again. What a working week it has been.

I started my week by delivering a pup on my way to work, then another as I arrived. I welcomed a new colleague into our team, and helped get things moving in the right direction toward him being productive. A few more great workplace things continued to tick over nicely throughput the week, including a couple of background issues coming to a head as impacting on my teams ability to be as responsive as other teams need us to be – which is for me a fantastic opportunity to set the workplace up the way I think it would work well.

I also went along to see a movie with my mate Alan – The Bourne Legacy. I had been apprehensive about this movie, thinking it may be a bit like Star Wars Episode I. But it is a great movie and I thoroughly recommend it!

I also managed to work plenty of hours, and leave Canberra nice and early today. Which means, I’m he far earlier than normal. I hope your weekend is starting as well as mine!!


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