Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Should relaxing be so hard?

Magpie’s concept of “Relaxing” is pretty high on stress

It seems that we are well and truly locked onto a path toward an eventual diagnosis of “something.”

Both Bec and I have been of the opinion for a little while that if we had not been challenged and living with “Parenting on Steroids” bought about by our youngest son, then Magpie would have had us running for help several years ago. But as it is, he’s that far toward the bell curve that we’ve been wandering along happily.

Our relaxing weekend just gone, bought some of his challenges into stark relief.

Faced with some simple, enjoyable options, he was quite simply “overwhelmed.” As the weekend came to a close, in response to being asked if he wanted his face to be painted, he came very close to having a meltdown. This was a little extreme but quite representative of the challenges we faced over the entire weekend.

Bec has said that the school counsellor is pointing us in the direction of a paediatrician. From what I’ve seen this last weekend, the sooner we can get him there, to at least help him – and us – understand his challenges, the better.


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