Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

Success for the Sydney Swans

We’re in September and in Australia that means Finals Season for the dominant codes of football. Especially the important one, the Australian Football League (AFL)!

While I’ve been having a pretty busy year, I have been tangentially following the game as the season progressed. Sydney Swans are still “my team” and the more time I spend in Canberra hearing about “the  Giants” rather than “Greater Western Sydney Giants” the less likely it becomes that my overall allegiance will change at all.

As first seasons go, GWS didn’t do too badly.

As football seasons go, Sydney Swans should be quite pleased with themselves. They set goals, and identified plans on how to achieve them. They tracked progress, and celebrated success without taking their eyes off the idea of continuing to improve week on week. All concepts that we should all take, “from the football field, to life”.

I wish the Swans the best of luck and that all their planning and preparation pays off this week as they take on the Magpies at Homebush.


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