Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son

It’s a battle that will outlive the strongest of us.


Wearily we tread, not knowing what challenges we will face and where the next assault will come from, and in what form. There will be brief, intermittent periods of respite, although often this respite will conclude with an ass-ailment on all fronts.

We must be vigilant, for we know our duty has no end, and our rewards are not immediate or apparent. We will shift from task to task, being harried into making mistakes. Sometimes,  if we are lucky, we can recover from our misstep, but in many cases we will fall, collapsing in a heap until we can recover. Or in other cases, we must ignore our own hurts, our own important tasks, to comfort the other fallen, who have not yet developed those skills to face the challenges that face us.

The toll is enormous. Some of us will take longer to recover. Many of us will fail…

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