Raising little Westies, and life as parent of a special needs son


One way or another, on a day I thought I would be spending in the car I ended up spending my time between domesticity and relaxing at the swimming pool. It was at the local swimming pool that most BTB Fan had his biggest meltdown (in my presence) in quite some time. This meltdown sems to have carried over to some poor concentration on my behalf – shown by poor attention leading to me leaving my phone behind when dropping off a guest we took to the pool.

So what triggered the meltdown?

Our local pool is quite a good facility. There is an indoor sports centre where they play things such as indoor soccer, as well as several outdoor pools, and a collection of indoor pools.

One of the indoor pools also has a small water slide, which is open for intermittant periods. Which are not advertised in any way, nor announced. It is also used as a major part of selling “swimming pool birthday party” packages.

Today while we were at the pool, as happens regularly, there was a group having a birthday party. And at some stage, they used the water slide. Our son, of course, wanted to go on the slide. But as he was not a part of the birthday party, he was not able to use the slide.

He focussed on the water slide, and refused to be distracted by any alternative. Ultimatey, he had a meltdown, with Bec taking him off to the ladys changeroom to ride his meltdown out.

On the flipside. He is increasingly confident in the water, and is teaching himself to swim. So far, underwater swimming, but in a style that will see him swimming breast stroke quite intuitively.


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